SMARTMeso Mesotherapy





SMARTMeso is unique mesotherapy without the needle. It is non-invasive with no pain and no down time. It is a 2-step process using fractional mesotherapy and electroporation.


Fractional Mesotherapy

The oscillating head piece of 25 tiny hollow microchips punctures the surface of the skin without breaking the epidermis and a skin serum is delivered into the skin.



As the head touches the skin a micro current breaks the CAM’s (cell adhesion molecules) allowing the serum to penetrate the epidermis for an 84% increase in transdermal penetration (absorption).

Depth of penetration, dosage and electroporation are all adjustable to meet your individual skin type needs.

SMARTMeso is completely pain free and non-invasive. (A slight “erythema” is common and encouraged as it shows a reaction in the skin and lasts only 20 minutes). Unlike so many treatments, SMARTMeso can be used around the delicate area of the eyes - inside the ocular socket, across eyelids and underneath.





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