Cosmic Organic Skin Care

When you see the COSMOS logo, it means you have found a trust guarantee letting you know that the product you’re looking at is entirely organic. The COSMOS-standard is managed by a not-for-profit international and independent association that operates all over the world, and is the gold standard when it comes to creating products that are as kind as possible to skin and the planet. At i-lipolondon we use Tropic Skin Care Products as part of our range. Look on any of our treatment pages and click the Tropic button. All the Tropic products, including the Organic, are there and just a click away. What is more every purchase you make, no matter how big or small, now funds education for children living in some of the world’s poorest, most remote communities.

To put your purchases into perspective, every £50 spent (excluding delivery) equals a whole school day in either Cambodia, Nepal or Myanmar. We think it's a help and hope you do too.


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