Project Description

LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment               

penetrates at a deeper cellular level, resulting in radiant healthy and hydrated skin complexion. It helps to promote cell renewal and repairs and helps address key skin care concerns. It stimulates blood circulation, aids in lymphatic drainage, cleanses away toxins, tightens and tones neck and facial skin and not only reduces the appearance of congested puffy eyes but also lightens dark under eye circles. It improves upon skin texture and tone and may aid with scars, freckles and redness.

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  • Red Light – Stimulates collagen and elastin production by increasing local blood circulation. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as sun damage.
  • Green Light – Breaks up clusters of pigment and therefore diminishes any existing hyper-pigmentation. Its calming effect has been proven to assist in reducing other skin discolorations.
  • Blue Light – Decreases acne by killing acne-causing bacteria that grows on the skin which results in acne breakouts.


LED Light & Brightening
Therapy Facial

Single Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions
£55.00 £150.00 £270.00

Each session lasts 50 minutes