i-Lipo Fat Reduction

The most advanced non surgical fat reduction and body shaping system

iLipoxcell-ultra-300i-LipoXcell represents third generation technology from Chromogenex, a world leader in laser innovation.

i-LipoXcell incorporates four technologies for intelligent body fat analysis and measurement, laser diode fat reduction, IR Vacuum massage and Radiofrequency skin tightening.

i-LipoXcell is clinically proven, safe and treatment is comfortable, backed by leading physicians in worldwide multi-center studies.

How i-LipoXcell works


Radio Frequency

RF-TreatmentUsing Multi Polar Radiofrequency I-LipoXcell can tighten up loose skin to further enhance results and achieve a firmer skin texture and appearance.

The application of RF heat can stimulate metabolic activity and smooth out Cellulite.

Body Analysis

i-Lipo incorporates patented technology to instantly measure body fat and provide detailed analysis including Basal Metabolic rate, body fat percentage and records in a patient data base reduction in body fat and overall improvement in patient health.

Results can be printed out to show the positive results of incorporating i-Lipo laser into a lifestyle changing programme.

Laser Fat Reduction

i-Lipo-pad-treatmenti-Lipo incorporates both visible red and Infra red laser for biostimulation of metabolic pathways resulting in the release of fatty acids and glycerol, shrinking fat cells.

Results are seen immediately with an average of 3 cm (1 inch) per 3O minute treatment.

Treatment is safe and comfortable and can target specific stubborn pockets of fat as well as reshaping the body. Laser treatment is followed by combination laser/vacuum massage to enhance lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and achieve deeper penetration of laser into fat cells for improvement in cellulite.

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